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Stefan Schyga received his Masters Degree in Music Eduction in May of 1991. During his studies he also taught the Beginning and Intermediate guitar classes at The University of Texas at El Paso. Teaching these classes and having had problems finding a suitable method for his private studio inspired him to write a new and different guitar method for the adult learner. This new method attempts to teach the basics of classical guitar playing in a more effective and especially more interesting manner.

“With talent and skill beyond imagination, this artist defies the laws of the underground artist, playing classical/flamenco guitar with a flood of emotion and heart. His sprawling and majestic work forces one to conjure up magical warm imagery. All of the songs on his latest album were recorded live in the studio and are absolutely spectacular representations of the beauty that still lives and breathes in music from around the world.” -December 1999, riffage.com From 1993-1996 Stefan was the Classical/Flamenco Guitar of Telarc Recording Artist La Vienta.

La Vienta has released 3 albums with Telarc International. that being sold in 28 countries around the globe During these years La Vienta made their mark on the international music scene with their fresh approach to acoustic guitar music. They performed from San Francisco to New York, climbed to #17 on Billboards Contemporary Jazz charts and to #4 of Mexico City’s Jazz Charts.

Since the Stefan has released three successful solo albums: A Little World Music: Solo Spanish Guitar Spanish Soul: Featuring the Acoustic World Ensemble XO & Friends: Featuring Ricky Malichi & Curt Warren. Stefan’s latest success is reflected in the fact that his music was chosen to be featured on the first ever retail mp3 CD featuring Billy Wyman (Rolling Stones) This CD has World Wide distribution and will be carried by the Walmart stores in the US. In addition he was also featured on Riffage’s 2nd MP3 CD that was distributed with Spin Magazine.

You can download most of his music for free at:

http://www.mp3.com/isr You can download free classical sheet music & mp3s at:


His music is also featured on Riffage.com’s newest compilation disks. The Computer Graphics and the Word Processing were done by Jason Myre. The illustrations were created by Sam Cassiano. 

Ebook - Guitar Learn How To Play The Classical Guitar


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