Video of Aunt Sisca Selebgram Peeked by 2 Men Spread

Sisca Mellyana's viral video of 60 seconds and 5 minutes while sleeping in Bali, the 'unifying nation' celebgram was watched and recorded secretly.

Sisca Mellyana's viral video of 60 seconds and 5 minutes while sleeping in Bali, the 'unifying nation' celebgram was watched and recorded secretly.

Aunt Sisca, her nickname, admitted that she was secretly recorded by 2 men while doing personal activities in the villa room.

The villa is located in the Kedewatan Village area, Ubud District, Gianyar Regency.

Sisca's confession, nicknamed 'the aunt who unifies the nation', was revealed through her Instagram reel upload @siscamellyana22_official.

The confession, which was accompanied by a viral video upload of the time the man who recorded himself was taken, also attracted the attention of netizens.

As of Sunday (12/12/2021), the reels have been watched 619 thousand times and 23,497 liked.

“This is the beginning of the chronology... for you to be aware, no matter how private, no matter how private, people like him can take advantage of the situation.

Thanks to the ubud police for quickly catching 2 perpetrators," he wrote in the caption accompanying the reels post which was uploaded on Friday (10/12/2021).

In the second upload of the reels, he also includes a viral video confession of one of the alleged recorders and snoopers while carrying out personal activities in the villa room.

"Full video on @borizhts... all cases are over, just go to the ubud police station again this afternoon.


The alleged perpetrators peeked and recorded Sisca's private activities in the room.

There were 3 videos that the perpetrators managed to record, each with a duration of 5 minutes, 60 seconds (1 minute), and another 1 minute.

Seen in the upload of the reels, the alleged perpetrator apologized when he was interrogated by a man.

"I confess, I'm sorry, I made a mistake," said the alleged perpetrator in the video reels.

"Who are you peeking at?" asked the man who interrogated the perpetrator.

"Peek you, already," he replied.

"Who are you peeking at?" asked the man who was interrogating to which the alleged perpetrator answered haltingly.

"You're peeking at Sisca, right," he continued.

Sisca Mellyana said the incident began when she finished dinner.

Aunt Sisca then went into the room to do various personal activities.

The figure of the celebgram who was dubbed the 'aunty of unifying the nation' then found out that someone was peeking at her with her partner.

He knew he was being peeked when he was going to wash his hands after doing various personal activities in the bathroom.

At that time, Sisca saw someone running in blue clothes in the open bathroom and heard the sound of rubbing pebbles.

In Sisca's social media upload, she described the chronology of the incident.

The video was uploaded by Sisca on the reels of her official Instagram account, which has a blue tick and has 1.6 million followers.

"Hi, you were our video. I called the reception first," shouted Sisca.

"Call the reception first," said the man who was with Siska.

There were many more conversations between the man and the alleged snooper and recorder of Sisca's private activities while staying at the villa.

Handled by the Police

Sisca then summoned pecalang, the traditional village head, and Bhabinkamtibmas from the Ubud Police.

After Bhabinkamtibmas arrived, one of the alleged perpetrators was immediately taken to the Ubud Police.

Meanwhile, one other perpetrator was arrested on Friday (10/12/2021).

In this case, said Sisca, there were three exciting videos of herself that were obtained from the perpetrator's cellphone.

Although evidence of three videos has been found, Sisca admitted that this case was mediated by the Ubud Police and resolved amicably.

Even though they made peace and didn't take the case to court, it didn't mean that the two perpetrators who were caught peeking at Sisca could just be relieved.

The reason is, even though both have been forgiven by Sisca, the sanctions will still apply to both of them.

The difference is, sanctions or punishments do not come from law enforcement, but they will be subject to sanctions or local customary law.(*) 

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