How To Design A LinkedIn Banner Easily and Free

Your LinkedIn profile speaks for you. It tells your professional story, comprising your personality, values, and milestones.

How To Design A LinkedIn Banner Easily and Free

Why LinkedIn Banner is important ?

Adding a background photo to your profile make your professional story more visually appealing. It also helps you stand out on LinkedIn to recruiters, future employers, prospective clients, and other members.

Here are some ideas to consider when choosing a background photo:

Select a photo or quote that captures your personality.

Add a photo that captures some memorable moments of your team.

Choose a photo that highlights a special milestone in your career.

Learn more about making your photo look more professional with our filters and how you can add or change your background photo.

How To Design A LinkedIn Banner Easily and Free 

Anyone can design  within 5 minutes. Just watch and follow my procedure Its totally free. Just you need to sign into canva with your email 


Go to Canva and type writing LinkedIn banner into the search bar.
You will be given a multitude of free templates. If you selected any of them, simply open and modify your information.

If you want to build a completely new design, simply select the blank template and begin designing your elements.

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