Start Writing on Medium and Earn more - Free blogsite

Start Writing on Medium and Earn more

Medium is a place where you can write, read, and connect with others. Posting your perspective on any topics and connecting with millions of readers is simple and free.

Medium -The free blogsite 

Medium is a powerful publishing platform that has grown at a time when many other writer-driven sites have failed. Particularly those that cover a wide range of topics and interests.

Medium is a really unique website that has built a tremendous online reach, with massive traffic, a pay wall that writers can choose to place content behind (or they can make it freely accessible 100% of the time), and a heavy focus on revenue through membership. They also compensate their writers!

Start Writing on Medium and Earn more - Free blogsite

How to Earn on Medium ?

There are two ways to make money: member reading time and membership referrals.
You earn more money the more time Medium members spend reading your articles. Find out more about how we estimate reading time.

You can refer readers to become Medium members and receive half of their membership price, net of usual payment processor fees, for as long as they stay a member, in addition to the material you create. More information on Referred Memberships can be found here.

How to start Earning money on Medium 

  • Fill out an application once you've met the eligibility requirements (see below).
  • Accepting is a time of celebration.
  • Publish articles with the meter my story box checked to begin earning.
  • When Medium members take the time to read your work, you can earn money.
  • Referred Memberships can help you earn more money.
  • Get paid on a monthly basis.

Medium earning eligibility requirements

  • Create a story and publish it.
To be considered for the Partner Program, you must have published at least one piece.
  • Obtain 100 or more followers.
To apply, you must have at least 100 followers. Get advice on how to grow a fan base.

  • Continue to be active.
To maintain earning, you should post at least once every six months.

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Start Writing on Medium and Earn more

How To Succeed On Medium ?

From getting started to creating your own publication, here are a few Medium-specific advice from genuine Medium producers. 

  • Link up with other Medium creators

Making connections is the one piece of advise I would provide to Medium authors. Look for authors whose work you enjoy. Pay careful attention to authors who write about topics you're interested in and have bylines in publications you enjoy reading. Finding your writing tribe can be fun if you're willing to learn and grow with your peers. -WEOC Editors' Allison Gaines

I recommend setting out 15–30 minutes at least three times a week to read your comments, answer, and then read anything from a commenter who has already expressed an interest in your work. — Teressa P- Editors of the WEOC

  • Make use of an original image

In the euphoria of having their work published, many writers are prone to shoddy writing at this time. Don't fall into the trap of using the first stock image you come across under a broad phrase like 'writing' or 'job.'

  • Make sure your photos include alt-text

I can see what I pay attention to initially by writing alt-text. It offers me time and space to notice these things in a low-pressure setting. And I'll be able to apply that knowledge outside of alt-text in the future.

  • Write From your heart 

Don't go after robots. Do not read posts on Medium on how to "make it." Do not write headlines that terrify people into clicking on them in the hopes of finding some mysterious answer to life's unanswerable problems. Don't strive to get viral; simply express what's on your mind.

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