'Nahin Toh Main Mar Jaati' Mita Vasisht Recalls How SRK Saved Her Life During a Shoot

'Nahin Toh Main Mar Jaati' Mita Vasisht Recalls How SRK Saved Her Life During a Shoot

In 2019, a report claimed that Shah Rukh Khan saved Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's manager from a fire at Bachchan's house during Diwali celebrations.

The news spread rapidly, and even Salman Khan praised SRK for his bravery.

It turns out that this wasn't SRK's first time saving someone's life.

Back in the late '90s, the superstar also saved the life of one of his co-stars while filming Mani Ratnam's 1998 film Dil Se.

Mita Vasisht is the co-star in question here. Mita can be seen recalling the incident in a clip from her interview with Navbharat Times that has gone viral on Twitter.

She says in the clip, recalling the Dil Se shoot, "Main AK-47 latkaye hui this jab hum Shah Rukh ko blindfold kar ke le jaa rahe hain ek bridge pe. Toh shoot ke dauran hamare jo joote they woh plastic ke they aur baraf giri hui thi toh slippery tha. Toh mujhe yaad hai Shah Rukh mere aage tha aur hum log batiya rahe they. Toh Mani ji (Mani Ratnam) ne mujhe bola peeche hone ko. Toh main peeche hoti gayi yeh nahin dekha ki peeche ek dum 100 ft ka drop hai matlab wahaan pahaadi khatam ho jaati hai. (We were filming Dil Se, and I was carrying a heavy AK-47 during a scene in which we blindfolded Shah Rukh's character. So Mani Ratnam asked me to move behind, but I didn't realise I'd reached the end of the cliff, which had a 100-foot drop.)"

She went on, "Toh woh AK-47 bahut bhaari thi. Toh main jaise hi peeche hui achanak mujhe aasmaan dikhayi diya aur main ludhak gayi aur tab mujhe haath yahaan aaya jo yun pakda maane instant reaction. Toh aise girte hue main waapas aayi aur woh haath Shah Rukh ka tha. Nahin toh main pata nahin kahaan pahunch jaate sar ke bal, haddiyaan toot jaati, mar jaati. (As soon as I moved back, I lost my balance and was on the verge of falling off the cliff when a hand suddenly grabbed me. And it was Shah Rukh Khan's hand that saved my life (otherwise, I'm not sure if I wouldn't have fallen on my head and died)."

Not only on the big screen, but Shah Rukh Khan has repeatedly demonstrated that he is a real-life hero as well.

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